19th June, Tuesday, 5 p.m., Balassi Institute

Concert of the Students of Vodnikova domačija Music School: Pieces Inspired by Hungarian Music


Vodnikova Domačija music school builds on tradition and this year it celebrates the 26th anniversary of its foundation. The devoted teachers working in the school pay particular attention to their professional work and the individual approach to students. Uniquely, the school is open to both children and adults who wish to learn individually or in groups.

The mentor of the performing students is Laslo Babinski, who has been teaching at Vodnikova Domačija for 13 years. He will accompany his students on piano and viola.



1. Urh Steklačič Cerkvenik, violin

* B. Bartók – Children’s song


2. Brina Novljan, violin

* B. Bartók – Folk song

* B. Bartók – For Children


3. Kian Nai Tratar, violin

* B. Bartók – Three pieces from the „For Children” collection


4. Darko Iskra, violin

* V. Monti - Czardas


5. Jan Prepadnik, violin

* J. Brahms – Hungarian Dance No.4


6. Matjaž Medvešek, viola

* B. Bartók – Duets for two violas:

- New Year's greeting

- Teasing song

- Hungarian song

- Burlesque

- Pillow dance

- Mosquito dance


7. Darko Iskra (I. violin), Jan Prepadnik (II. violin), Laslo Babinski (I. viola), Matjaž Medvešek (II. viola)

P. I. Tchaikovsky – Czardas from „Swan Lake” (Arr: L. Babinski)