06-02 Hamvas-Szentendre-1968

2nd June, Saturday, 3:30 p.m., Balassi Institute


Colloquium on Béla Hamvas at the Søren Kierkegaard 2018 International Conference and Workshop


Between May 29 and June 2, the KUD Apokalipsa Publishing House and the Central European Research Institute Soeren Kierkegaard from Ljubljana are hosting an international philosophical conference. The closing event of this conference will be held at the Balassi Institute. At the event, we will have a chance to see a film about the life and work of Béla Hamvas titled „The Remarkable Anonymous”. After the screening, Dr. Katalin Thiel, famous researcher of Hamvas, and Dr. Primož Repar, researcher of Kierkegaard and editor-in-chief of the Apokalipsa magazine as well as director of the Kierkegaard Institute, will give a lecture on Bela Hamvas.


The lectures will be held in English. The film will be screened with English subtitles.


Film Description:

»Hungarian literature and thought in the 20th century know only few such rich oeuvres as the one of Béla Hamvas. A universal teacher, an unprecedented literary writer, a philosopher, thinker, gardener, a librarian and an art critic, a unique interpreter of religion, satirical veiled prophet, a hedonist and ascetic, who could be labelled with everything and nothing at all since he is impossible to categorize, because of his essence of an indefinable man and artist. He was Béla Hamvas, whose life, filled by tragic, shines forth as a remarkable beam of exceptional spiritual horizon in the film „The Remarkable Anonymous”.«

(Aster Film)