Ora Hasenfratz: My Lyme / My Twin
Photo exhibition will be on display at Balassi institute till September 


Guided tours: 

- 6th/7th September, 7 p.m.


The young Hungarian photographer displays two of her latest exhibitions at the Balassi Institute. The pictures introduce us to two personal topics – the disease of the artist and her relationship with her twin sister – therefore they represent a kind of brave self-disclosure. 


The ‘My Lyme’ body of work documents the story of her Lyme-disease. It is a visual diary of the continuous physical, mental and emotional changes, where every colour and shape has a meaning. Whilst on the surface we see hospital rooms, medicine bottles, body parts and self-portraits, if we look deeper into these moments we see the imprints of the axis of hope, struggle, fatigue, resignation, confrontation, resumption. These emotions depend on progressing or receding in overcoming the disease. (…) ‘My Twin’ series also aims no less than mapping and accepting her feelings. The series introduces us to the world of twinhood with the tools of personal photography. Instead of portraying the close symbiosis - which may be magical, cute or even comical to the outsiders - Ora shows us the sadness and pain of the unavoidable detachment from each other."


Edit Barta, curator


The exhibition will run until 7th September.