14-16th September, Ljubljana


Between the 14th and the 16th of September the event took place for the 13th time already. This is probably the most popular fair in Ljubljana for families with children. Last year approximately 27.000 people showed up to see the 270 exhibitors. It is not just a cultural and entertaining program, the organizers put a great emphasis on the event’s informative and educational features as well. This is a playful and creative fair that teaches children how to behave in social interactions and how to respect other humans and animals as well. The program usually contains sport activities and creative workshops. 


This year three Hungarian exhibitors where introducing themselves during the fair: Zalakaros Spa, West-Balaton Tourist Office and Thermal Hotel Balance Lenti. Zalakaros is a beautiful city in itself but the spa’s fitness-wellness-beauty section is what makes it more attractive. It is a perfect choice for families with children because of the Kid’s garden and the special spa section for children... The West-Balaton region is also famous for wellness spas and thermal baths, but it is definitely worth to visit the wine regions as well. Thermal Hotel Balance Lenti awaits the visitors all year with a wide range of services for families.  


More information: https://www.otroskibazar.si/en