21st September, Friday, Ljubljana


The symposium will bring together Slovene and international professionals to discuss current trends of literary criticism.


Dávid Zelei was born in 1985, he is a literary critic, editor, historian, and besides these he is also a hispanist. He likes Hungarian football, journals and world literature - or in one word he is in love with the unwinnable matches. He likes to read and write, but it is even better when he writes about what he reads. "All human activity's values are based on criticism: this is what gives a context, a direction and a motivation to our acts, it is not an accident that it is one of the most important parts of pedagogy as well" - he claims. He is really into Latin American literature and as an ex Spanish major, he thinks that "the best thing that can happen to a book is when it is criticised by those who understand the original text too, not just the Hungarian translation."