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Galerija Družina

“Pictography and embroidery are like a prayer – as it was said by older generations. Signs written on paper, wood or attire, lines and stiches are like seeds in the soil, but it braids in our soul. Meeting Gyöngyi was not an accident, both of us got inspired by Hungarian folk culture. This is an endless resource that can be nurtured by those who think of it as their profession, it also has a really good impact on our soul and spirit. Little children still understand these motifs with their hearts, they are more receptive to Hungarian folk tales’ symbolic language. That is the reason why pictures that we can see next to the text of tales invoke a certain kind of creative power. The pictures we see and the clothes we wear influence the way we think, but it depends on us, artists, how: it is our responsibility what we emphasize and what we show to the audience. The recipient has the chance to realize what the real message is behind the Hungarian folk culture’s message. Our artistic creed is to pick up the thread and to be a mediator of ancient culture.With the help of the power of symbolic thoughts we must sew people together with the almighty. 


I was born in Budapest but right now I live in Zebegény with my family. I studied visual graphics at the University of Fine Arts, my masters were József Gaál and András Baranyai. After university, I graduated from Scuola Internazioale di Grafica Venice, I was an art book major, and eventually I taught students in graphic workshops. I made hand-printed art books in limited edition, I also made illustrations and designs for publishing companies at home and abroad as well. My pictures were always inspired by the folk culture’s message but in painting and color usage my biggest inspirations were Csontváry, Gauguin and Pavlisin. My husband and I have an enterprise called Árgyélus Műterem, we deal with painted works of art and playground design for 20 years know. My graphics and paintings have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in Budapest, Zebegény, Venice, Milan and New York too.”

Orsolya Csilléry


“I was born in Budapest but now I live in Piliscsaba with my husband and our three children. At first I graduated as a geography and P.E. teacher, and later I received my economic degree too. I embroider, weave and sew since I am a child. It is very important to me to have new objects and wearable clothes with original ornaments on. Since my children became folk dancers in Csillagszemű Táncegyüttes, I make them clothes they can perform dances in, and I use authentic fabrications there. I also participated in a lace maker course in Hagyományok Háza and in 2015 I did the instructor exam. I teach lace making and perspectives on original Hungarian embroidery. My works were exhibited in Budapest (Polgárok Háza, Magyar Népi Iparművészeti Múzeum, Magyar Hagyományműhely) and in other regions (Bajna, Magyar Viselet Ünnepe), too.”

Gyöngyi Balla