nyocker10th December, Monday, 7 p.m., Balassi Institute

Hungary, 2004, 85 minutes
In Hungarian with English subtitles

The story of this animated film is not set in Verona, but in the most closed ghetto in Budapest. The main characters of the story are not the Capulets and the Montagues, but rival Hungarian clans and Roma. This story is not about love, it’s about money and oil. The story unfolds in the notoroius 8th district in Budapest, the local variant of Harlem, that large Roma and immigrant communities call their home. This is the heart of Eastern European prostitution, inhabited by stereotypical characters of the postsocialist ghetto. The carnival narrative develops from a Shakespearean romance into a national and global social satire. The film The District! was produced as a low-budget 3D animated feature film, and was, according to the original plan, meant to be a television series. It is often described as the ‛Hungarian South Park’ (the digital characters have been modeled after famous Hungarian actors).