04 soha nem szuno vagyakozas marai6th December, Thursday, 6 p.m., Balassi Institute


On the occassion of the publishing of Book of Herbs by Sándor Márai in Slovene, you are invited to a cup of homemade tea with writer Dušan Šarotar to talk about the literary works and essays of the great Hungarian writer.
Márai says, that „this book does not aim at anything else than do numerous other books, that wished to tell something about the human fate in the far and near past. Its writer would like to tell how to live, eat, drink, sleep, be sick and stay healthy, to love and be bored, to prepare for death and get used to life.”
Márai commened his book, written in 1943, to his masters, Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius and Montaigne and all Stoic thinkers, who provided him with the lightness of life that he could not find in the world. Hungarian readers constantly re-read and give the book to each other as present, as the two hundred herbs help all in case of sorrow and in finding answers to the evergreen questions of life.