szajrol-szajraTuesday, January 22nd, Balassi Institute

4 – 5 p.m.: Screening of the concert Mouth to Mouth – Szilvia Bognár, Ágnes Herczku, Ági Szalóki          
6 p.m.–8 p.m: Sweets workshop and talk with prof. Janez Bogataj and Valentina Smej-Novak

At the Balassi Institute we will celebrate the Day of Hungarian Culture with an afternoon of programme! You are kindly invited to the opening of this special occassion by the „Concerts on Screen” series, produced by the Budapest Palace of Arts (MÜPA). The screening will be held in our cinema room, equipped with a new soundsystem. The performance Mouth to Mouth by vocalists Szilvia Bognár, Ágnes Herczku and world-famous Ági Szalóki is an curious interplay between traditional folk music and an open, daring jazz approach.

Following the screening Valentina Smej-Novak will do a small workshop and introduce us to the world famous sweets from Budapest, Central Europeʼs capital of confectionery. We will discuss the features of Budapest pastry as well as the rich tradition of Central European farinaceous dishes with Prof. Janez Bogataj. The evening will continue with a degustation of the most typical desserts.

Without doubt, culinary culture is an inseparable part of the national culture. Through cuisine, culture often speaks to us in a most direct and tangible way. Last year Hungary was the guest of honor at the Slovene Book Fair. As part of a larger number of translations of Hungarian authors to Slovene, the “Hungarian Dessert Book”, featuring many beautiful photographs, was published. Through this book, we have the chance to discover the finest pastry from Budapest`s and Hungary`s tradition, ranging from the delicious walnut, Dobos and Esterházy cakes to refined bite-sized pastry. Special attention is given to farinaceous dishes, which due to historical and cultural factors have become the most typical and unique type of meal in Central Europe.