2019.2.8.Szombathy-honlap8th February, Friday, 4 p.m., Balassi Institute


At the occasion of the Slovene Cultural Holliday the Balassi institute will host a talk with the Hungarian photographer Bálint Szombathy, whose art photography will be exhibited at the Photon Gallery at the same time. In course of the conversation, Nela Tonković, the curator at the Contemporary Gallery in Subotica, will ask the artist about his life and work as well as the exhibition in Ljubljana.


Bálint Szombathy


Bálint Szombathy was born in 1950 in Vojvodina.  He is a conceptual artist and one of the key figures in Hungarian art of the 20th century as well as among the artists of Ex-Yugoslavia. His work encompasses a broad spectre of artistic activity, ranging from visual poetry, process art, land art and performace to conceptual art. He stepped on the scene in with various performative projects, starting with the performance Trails (Subotica, 1970) which was followed by various others projects that discussed Socialist realism.
 His latest work is the series of photographies Signs of a City, which will be exhibited between the 7th of February and the 8th of March at the Photon Gallery. This work is anchored in the existing contexts of his work. Namely, the series is a result of the author’s exploration of his surroundings; the depicted motives belong to the quotidian, the author shows us the intrusion of „civilisation” into the old town, e. g. the omnipresentblack cables that strech over the façades of historical buildings, wires that jut out of the holes in the buildings. In a documentary manner, the author discovers errors and glitches in the urban structure and depicts different locations and their „signs”. In that creative segment of the „Topography of the Quotidian”, Bálint Szombathy created hundreds of pictures. 
For his work he was awarded with numerous prizes, among others the Lajos Kassák Prize 1989 in Paris, the Mihály Munkácsy Prize 2008 in Budapest, the Vladislav Ribnikar Prize 2015 in Belgrade and 2018 the Order of Merit of Hungary in Budapest.