Likovna s20th February, Wednesday, 7 p.m., Balassi Institute
The exhibition entitled »Encounters in Visual Art« introduces works of selected visual artists, painters and sculptors, who define today's art scene in Hungary and Slovenia. These artists represent some of the most renowned names in contemporary art. Their work offers us a glimpse at a broad variety of styles, techniques, motives and tendencies. This diversity means quality and richness, but above all it is a proof that it is individual style which counts the most and that in each piece of art we can feel the unique pulse of the one who created it. Art is always touched by the cultural environment in which it is born. In these works of art we have the chance to encounter the past as well as a committed reflection on today's developments. The visual language these artists speak and their imagination are the tools that surpass time and space, they represent the power of an universal language.
At this exhibition the artists will encounter each other, their differences and their audience. They will vocalise the universal alphabet of communication with forms, colours, lines, surfaces, structures, light, space and compositions. In that way, they will tear down the boundaries that might still stand between us.   

Anamarija Stibilj Šajn