Bálint Balassi (1554-1594), Hungarian poet, noble. He was an outstanding fugure of the second period of the Hungarian Renaissance. He was the first classic of Hungarian literature. He was the creator of the Hungarian love poetry. He promoted the human values. He  translated many love poems too, especially from the Italian Petrarca.

The goal of Hungarian institutes abroad is to promote and support Hungary’s cultural heritage through the development of cultural diplomatic relations between our nation and partner nations, the encouragement of international cooperation in culture and science, the furthering of Hungarian language education and the introduction of Hungary’s vibrant culture and society to foreign audiences by means of various programs.

The Institute not only spreads and promotes Hungarian culture abroad, it also introduces the traditions and cultures preserved by Hungarians from outside our borders to those living in Hungary today. The Institute’s uniqueness therefore lies in the content and scope of its activities, as well as in the methodology used to reach its goals.  

The Institute plays a key role in developing and attaining Hungary’s objectives in the area of cultural diplomacy. As an organizational hub, it coordinates and directs all activities provided by Hungarian institutes abroad.