Free guided tour of Balázs Deim’s exhibition

5th September, Thursday, 6 p.m., Balassi Institute


Is it the Moon or just pancakes? Was the photo taken in a kitchen or on the Mars? All your questions will be answered by Špela Pipan from Photon Gallery.

Balázs Deim (1987) graduated in BA Photography at the Kaspovár University in Hungary (2013). He became a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers in 2017. Since 2009 he has had a number of solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Budapest.

Space (2017)

The photo series Space is the latest work by Balázs Deim, completed in 2017. The project, which connects the realms of sensual perception, imagination and personal memories, re-evaluates everyday objects and places in such a way that they appear as evidence of space travels. At the same time, it does not hide the signs of everydayness and the original functions of the objects. Thus, the images of space created out of simple objects are re-contextualized as a documentation of a private, internal journey.

Réka Deim