Kodály 2s.j3rd September, Tuesday, 8 p.m, Galerija Jakopič

„A few hundred years ago people used to express their feelings - joy, sorrow, love, break up – through folk songs. If there had been any toplists at that time the songs pursuing it would have been about the same topics as today’s radio hits: nostalgia, love, being happy, heartbreaks and letting go. At the beginning of the 20th century Zoltán Kodály, the most influental agent of folk-music research and documentation repopularized those songs. Now it’s time to make it possible for today’s youth to reconnect with such heritage of popular music and performance pieces through trending and creative 21st century platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Spotify or Deezer. The philosophy of Zoltán Kodály’s ouvre was „let the music be for all!” – Kodály Spicy Jazz rebrainstormed it: LET KODÁLY BE 21st CENTURY YOUTH’S ALL AROUND THE WORLD!”




Members of the Kodály Spicy Jazz Band:

Zoltán Cséry – piano

Dániel Görögh - trumpet

Márk Köles – percussion

György Szentgallay - bass