Film Club: Sunset (László Nemes, 2018)


23rd September, Monday, 7 p.m., Balassi Institute

Lászlo Nemes, one of the most exciting young Hungarian filmmakers, who previously shook us with the devastating masterpiece Son of Saul, is returning to Balassi Institute's monthly Film Club in September with his second feature Sunset. The multiple award winning film brought Nemes the FIPRESCI award in Venice last year as well.

It's 1913 in the heart of Europe. Young Írisz arrives in Budapest with high hopes to become employed in a prestigious hat store which once belonged to her parents. The dream is suddenly crushed when she gets rejected by the store owner and is left with nothing but roaming the dark alleys of the metropolis on the peak of it's development and grandour but at the same time on the verge of a great civilisational downfall which will be brought by the upcoming first great war.

In Sunset the viewer is - similarly to Son of Saul – following the film's main character from a close range, which forces us to experience the depths of the intimate drama much more intensely. The story of a girl, whose destiny depends on finding her brother and thus discovering more about her past, slowly turns into a sophisticated reflection of the birth of 20th century. As the director states: »We live in a world which is not much different than the one before the First World War. A world absolutly blind for the growth of devastating forces which are being powered by the same world itself.«

In Hungarian with Slovene subtiltes.