Projection of the concert Tamás Vásáry and Liszt Ferenc chamber orchestra

10th december, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m., Balassi Institute

The day before the big concert of the Liszt Ferenc chamber orchestra, as a preparation we will project the successful concert from Budapest. The projection will take place within the MÜPA HD program. In a concert featuring two icons from the history of Hungarian performing arts, Kossuth Prize-winning Artist of the Nation Tamás Vásáry takes to the stage as both soloist and conductor with the world-famous Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, itself the winner of multiple international prizes. Though the programme is unusual, comprising a piano sonata by Beethoven and an orchestral work by Bartók, it provides an opportunity for the audience to enjoy the very best of all that has drawn crowds for decades to concerts of Vásáry and the Liszt Chamber Orchestra.Program:Beethoven: Cis minor sonata („Moonlight”), op. 27, No. 2Bartók: Divertimento, No. 113, BB 118The projection will be organised under the programme of MÜPA HD.