9th December, Monday, 7 p.m., Balassi Institute

December's film club will wrap up the year with Bad Poems, a charming comedy directed by a young hope of contemporary Hungarian cinema, Gábor Reisz. Reisz second feature brings a witty and multilayered take on love, memories, growing up and infinite search of oneself.

33-year old Tamás Merthner  is left heartbroken when his girlfriend Anna, who is studying in Paris, breaks up with him. While she continues with her's, Tamás's whole life continuously flashes before his eyes. In between episodes of self-pity and trying to cope with being alone his days drag on, marked by family gatherings, hanging out with old friends and trying to deal with his humiliating job in advertising. To make sense of the question if love can last even after a relationship Tamás drowns in memories which take him back into the past, to his first loves and to almost forgotten moments from his youth.

Bad Poems is marked by a playful directing approach which succesfully combines past and present on one hand and joyously surreal film language which echoes Michel Gondry's best works on the other. Knowing that this time Reisz worked as a complete author by  being the scriptwriter, director and main actor at the same time makes the film even more impressive.

The film will be screened in Hungarian with English subtitles.