12th December, Thursday, 7 p.m., Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians, Brezje

Advent concert of the Fonó Folk Band in the Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians

Andrea Navratil and her three follow-musicians (members of the Fonó Folk Band) will give an unusual concert program in the Brezje Basilica. The renowned musicians will perform traditional folk music of the Christmas season from the Carpathian Basin after the evening mass at 6 p.m..Fonó Folk Band was founded in 1997 in Budapest. Its members are musicians from around Hungary and its various historical regions such as the Hungarian-minority areas of Slovakia and Ukraine, who have devoted their careers to performing, teaching and researching traditional folk music. Their repertoire consists of Magyar and other Carpathian-Basin peoples' instrumental and vocal music, and authentic arrangements in these traditions. The members of the band themselves collect folk music - an experience they use to boost the band's repertoire.

Andrea Navratil’s voice will be accompanied by violin, viola, double bass, gardon and cobza.