Saturday matinée - Children’s Film Club

8th February, Saturday, 10 a.m., Balassi Institute

Let’s start celebrating the day of Slovene culture with a creative workshop! This event is mainly for such children, who have previously seen animated films, and are ready to face new challenges in the form of exciting tasks related to animation. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know art techniques used during the making of animated films, thereby learning about self-expression in the form of abstract art, by means of group and individual work. The Saturday Film Club will be organised both semesters of school year 2019/2020, five occasions each semester, led by Slon Educational Animation Film Programme. By the end of the second semester, children will prepare their own movies, and they will have the opportunity to take a look into the world of cinema as well.

During the sessions, parents are kindly invited for a cup of coffee to the Balassi Institute.






Age group: 9-12

Number of participants: 7-10 • It is not possible to join during the semester •

In order to conserve the group dynamic and to ensure continuity, children are recommended to take part in the programme both semesters.

Planned dates of the Film Club:

Semester II: 08.02.2020. | 07.03.2020. | 11.04.2020. | 09.05.2020. | 13.06.2020.

The event will be held between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Balassi Institute, Ljubljana, Barvarska steza 8.

In case of any changes, parents will be notified by email two weeks beforehand.