Exhibition in the Balassi Institute's gallery

Mónika and Mazsi - Photo exhibition of Janez Marolt

On the exhibition of the Slovene photographer, Janez Marolt, you can view the photoshoots about Mónika Lakatos and Mihály Rostás “Mazsi”, the excellences of the contemporary Hungarian Roma folk music. The photos which were displayed unusually, in the Balassi Institute's show window, are on view in the gallery of the Balassi Institute and can be visited from Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 7 PM, starting 18 May.

You are warmly invited to visit Janez Marolt’s photo exhibition about the excellences of contemporary Hungarian Roma folk music, Mónika Lakatos and Mihály Rostás “Mazsi”, until 11 September. Until this we are kindly suggesting you to check the songs on the musicians’ video channel: click here.

"I didn't understand a single word of what they were saying. But it seemed to me, that I understood everything, what they wanted to say.

"I met Mónika and Mazsi on a room-concert at the Pinela's Living Room.I was touched by the performance and the presence of the musicians in the broadest sense of the word. So I asked them, if I could make a series of portraits of them.On the next day they were still in Ljubljana and came to my studio.I found myself in the company of this two "foreigners", whose language I did not understand. But I understood their passion, and that how much they love music and each other.It is my pleasure and honor, that they have shared this with me.That afternoon with the musicians taught me, that the key messages can be transmitted also without a word.I believe, that this is an innate quality."

Janez Marolt