Monolit Banda at  Sound Explicit, 2020

7th September, Monday, 8 p.m, Galerija Jakopič

Entrance fee: 7 EUR

Ambiental concert of drone music for double bass, chello and ribbon

Alien Communications Through Art

Zsofi Klacsmann - chello
Žiga Golob – double bass
Andrej Hrvatin - author of the project and electronic assembly

The idea behind "Monolit" is loosely inspired by the monoliths that appear in Clarke/Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". The aim was to research the rich sonority of low strings - double bass and cello, with special extended playing techniques and a playful idea of constructing the "language" of alien intelligence, similar as the one that many people report meeting under the influence of DMT. It also draws inspiration from the droning sonority of Tibetan Tantric singing rituals, as performed by the Gyuto Monks."Monolit" explores the artist's subjective ideas about the Bardo state, immersive vortexes of deeper trance states and the symbolic DMT language.