Albert Halász’s and Simona Solina’s Poetry: “Vrvohodci”
8th October, Thursday, 6 p.m., Hungarian Cultural Institute

Albert Halász, head of the Lendava Library, and Simona Solina, library expert at the Tone Seliškar library in Trbovlje, will introduce their poetry this evening.

Albert Halász was born in Felsőlak, by the river Mura. He studied Hungarian language and literature, as well as ethnography in Budapest. He worked in the media for many years, but his main focus is the research of the ethnographic heritage of the Hungarians of the region Prekmurje. Simona Solina graduated in geography and history, but pays special attention to pedagogical and andragogic work. She works with reading culture, leads conversational, sociocritical and literary evenings.

The authors are connected not only by books and poetry, but also by a kind of special vibe, which is the collection of poems “Vrvohodci” . The poems are signed only by initials, emphasizing their dialogue. By completing each other and intertwining into a unique whole, a poem about existence, love, and metaphysical (un)certainty is born.

This is Simona Solina’s second collection of poems. Albert Halász has been writing poems in his mother tongue, Hungarian, since the early 1990s.
Co-funded by NKA.