Summer universities in Hungary


Balassi Summer University

We offer Hungarian classes at all levels from basic to advanced (A1-C1). The lectures (in English) as well as the field trips are designed to present different aspects of Hungarian culture. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers use the most up-to-date methods of guided discovery and self-discovery, students are exposed to everyday situations in Hungarian in a challenging way.

 If you wish to use the summer university to rediscover your family's heritage, a special scholarship opportunity awaits you, as well.  To find out if you are eligible and what the scholarship covers, visit our website.





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Debrecen Summer School



Unique among Hungary's similar language institutions, this summer school draws upon a great and long-standing tradition. Established in 1927, it has grown to become the biggest Hungarian summer school. Each year more than 1,000 students from 30-40 countries are taught by a team of about 50 experienced instructors who specialize in teaching Hungarian to foreigners. 

Debrecen Summer School Involved in Diffusing Knowledge of Hungarian Culture 

Debrecen Summer School specializes in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language and diffusing knowledge of Hungarian culture. Its mission is to help its students pursue specific aspects of the Hungarian language and culture in depth. Disseminating the cultural values of any given nation is an inalienable part of teaching that nation’s language. Consequently, the cultural programs offered at Debrecen Summer School’s courses greatly contribute to the success of the primary task, teaching Hungarian. That is why most of our courses include events which serve to provide entertainment value as well as information about Hungarian culture and also opportunities to study the language in an informal way. More information:


25th ELTE Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture


elteIt is a four-week program offering an intensive Hungarian Language Course with many cultural components. The summer university brings together international students for an intensive Hungarian language course, lecture series about Hungarian culture, and social activities organized in and around Budapest. There is a possibility to take part in the first 2 or 3 weeks of the program with adjusted course fee.





When: 29 July – 23 August 2019
Where: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
Language: English and Hungarian
Participants: International students and adults, who want to learn Hungarian language
Application period: from 14 January to 10 July 2019
Course fee: 720 EUR (for discounts, please, check the website “Course fee”)
Age limit: the program is open to candidates who are above 18 years old and finished secondary school.

High school students (between 15-18 yrs) can attend the summer program ONLY if the parents/relatives sign a parental declaration to undertake that they should have all the resposibility for the teenager in connection with his/her attendance, health condition, meals, accommodation and care. (For more details write us an e-mail.)



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Pécs Summer School


Earn college credits in one of the most beautiful Central European cities, with a rich culture dating back to the Roman Empire, at the historical and prestigious University of Pécs in Hungary, founded in 1367.

Held in the vibrant European cultural capital city of Pécs, we are confident that you will find attending the Pécs Summer School program an exciting and rewarding experience. You will have a chance to IMPROVE YOUR ACADEMIC SKILLS, meet new LIFELONG FRIENDS from around the world and overall HAVE FUN!

Would you like to learn Hungarian in a very interesting, effective and playful way? Apply to our Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University to learn not only the language but also to receive up-to-date information about Hungarian culture, cuisine, traditions and much more. All in a very amusing way, in small multicultural groups. Learn our unique and very interesting language in the natural language environment and learn more than just a language.


When: 21 July- 18 August
Language: English and Hungarian
Application period: until 1 July
Course fee: 2 weeks: 450 EUR; 4 weeks 720 EUR (registration 80 EUR)

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Summer University Szeged 

szeged legi

Get the most out of your summer! If you would like to begin or brush up on your Hungarian in a lively international community, spend a few summer weeks in a lovely college town and enjoy multicultural friends and dynamic surroundings!

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Summer University Szeged 2019, with a special focus on current Hungarian culture and language use: 

This summer several lectures and language classes will address the issue of the most important and exciting current trends, performances and achievements of the last two decades. 

You can attend lectures on contemporary Hungarian cinema and award-winning movies, trends in spatializing collective memory, changes in politeness rules of current Hungarian language use, novelties in Hungarian literature, performing arts and culinary trends, and gender issues, among other topics. 

Also, during language classes, you can get acquainted with some of the topics mentioned above through reading and listening tasks.

  • Of course, classes will concern all other significant topics of Hungarian language and culture as well. The course is enriched with field trips, excursions, social events and so on. So, should you be interested in any Hungary-related questions - Szeged is waiting for you! Here you will surely find what you are looking for!
    When: 14 July – 10 August, 2019Language: English and Hungarian
    Application period: until 15 May for those who need a visa and 30 June for those who do not need a visa
    Course fee:
  • EUR 590 for the 4-week-course,
  • EUR 480 for the 3-week-course
  • EUR 350 for the 2-week-course
  • EUR 200 for the 1-week-course
     fee: EUR 50
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